Book a YC Team as contractors


I've cofounded the nonprofit initiative:, a platform to connect YC founders who recently had to shutdown their company with startups who look for 6-12 months projects.

This initiative started out of the necessity after shutting down Mage Market a few months ago.

I announced inside the YC forum that I'm open for contract work and willing to move fast.

The sheer amount of projects coming in was too much to handle – simultaneously I've noticed other YC colleagues announcing a shutdown or plan to layoff engineers.

Book A YC Team is my gift to the YC community to connect, match and temporally work with other startups.

It could help a startup keep a A+ engineers and have them work on contract work until the founders figured out how to navigate the company through the storm.

The idea is to always get a fully functioning squad of PM (mostly Designer) and Software Engineer, although I've seen multiple contracts being wrapped up by a single person.

The types of contracts range from design work with figma to engineering mobile apps in swiftUI, react native or flutter, web apps in reactjs, vuejs, nextjs and operational work such as fundraising, HR, hiring and much more!

Unlike upwork or fiverr, Book A YC Team does not charge a commission. All contracts, scope, budgets are negotiated by the YC team x startup.

Not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Y Combinator.

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